domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013


After gluing on the FB, Very carefully had to level out the new maple with the neck without touching the old varnish. Did this with a variety of tools, plane, sharp chisel, and files etc. Then I was able to put back the 10" radius it had before, dots and frets. I had to get the neck perfectly straight because he wanted super low fret wire. I used Dunlop 6130. .036 height is the lowest fret wire there is. not much room for filing afterward. Drilled out the old side dots and put black ones. After fretting, ageing and varnishing. to age the wood a little, I used the old vinegar steel wool trick. The varnish was a tough one, sort of butterscotch. I couldn't get it right until I added a little white paint to the mix. Looked like coffee with milk in the jar. Later a little blending with steel wool. Owner was surprised it came out so well, and me too. Can't describe all the steps and techniques here, but I tried to give an idea.

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