viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Cursos de Luthier

Para mas informacion de cursos de luthier etc ,el mejor es que me llames. 649333705 Barcelona.

Oh No!!! Maby I'm getting old, but I see I don't have posted a photo of Ramon's guitar. Here it is now.

Birth of Les Paul

Matias getting started with a true Custom Les Paul style guitar. This guitar is popular for some very good reasons, playability,looks and sustain that goes on and on. We've been making them a little lighter for obvious reasons. Ramon even built one semi-hollow body. you can check it out in entradas antiguas. Thanks everyone for looking, someday I'll figure out how to send e-mails from the blog.

viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

Also want to welcome Sergio. We are hoping to build a world class classical guitar, and it looks as if we are well on the way, too bad he spends so much time on the telephone.

Well, Guillem has work problems, but we have some new luthiers hard at work. Miki is coming along very well with his custom ES-335. This guy is really doing some suprising work!!