martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

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We have found that the sound of our flamenco guitars is improved by acupuncture.
HaHa! Really this is the first step in doing a pearl segment binding to match the rosette.
This was inspired by an old guitar that I had in the shop for restoration awhile ago.

jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

Pickup HB90

A friend needs a nice single coil pickup that he can fit in a humbucker rout. Here's how I did it. Actually there exits this, but I wanted to do it myself. First I trimmed off the bottom of a P90 bobbin, Made it about 3\32 wider, shortened it to HB size, then glued a new back plate of hardwood. Using the top holes of the bobbin as a guide, re-drilled for the screws. I used the bottom spacer to line up the holes for the HB frame. Then I wound the bobbin with 0.06mm wire(about 42 gauge. Got it up to about 7.6K about the same as a Tele bridge PU.After winding, I assembled the bobbin, magnets and screws,cut down a soapbar cover to fit inside the open top cover.