lunes, 15 de abril de 2013


Can't leave anyone hanging. Luis has finished his jazz bass. Hard to believe that it was all made in our shop.. Carlos doing a tele, and more. Very tired, I spend alot of hours here.

More Stuff

Mickey is adicted to archtops. Coming along a Es 175. Quilted maple body, spruce top. Have good feelings about this one, but have to admit that these projects are a little advanced for first time builders. Also Claudio with his tele. Sergi building a flamenca, and more. Lot's of projects these days.Manu has finished his LP double cut. I love this guitar. I'm going to copy the form for other students.So many great guitars!!!!

Back Again

Been soooo busy, not even time to get to blog. More photos of what's been happening.Dani finished his bass. Very great instrument. 30" scale fretless. Sounds super bass, and has that feel that we all like. P/Ups made in the shop. He's happy, but I wish he left it here for awhile for me to enjoy. Albertos' 12 string moving along, an SG style by Enric, and the strat? by Javi. for his electric.