jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

Hofner Guitar

She came in with the neck pulling out from heat, and really bad glue. It was like glued in with rubber. Although it looked like an easy removal, I had a hard time getting it loose. Cleaned up, well shimed, and glued, really very little retouching was necessary.Afterwards had to have a compleat fret job to correct a bad backbow. Now she looks and plays great!

Double Bass Repair

Sorry that I've been a little lazy with the blog these days. Been on a little vacation to my parents home in N.J., and working hard on a couple tough projects. Bass repair almost done, I'll give you a look at the neck block reconstruction. Made the new neck block out of mahogany because I didn't have a piece of spruce big enough. Maby someone trained in Cremona would call this blasfamy, but it works very well on our guitars. The white piece of maple at the bottom is a very large button and top bout reinforcement. Thing really can get torn up when these babys fall over.