jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

more stuff

As usual, some tough repairs. Smashed contra bass this time. Has to be opened up for interior reconstruction. Fender 5 made by Luis, Finally getting the decal tecnique down.
.Also a great photo of action out on the patio!

Thinline Tele

Roger has really done a lovely job with this one. And as it's the first sunburst I ever painted, I want to take a little credit myself. Ash body with maple top, doesen't weigh too much, and sounds awsome, with pickups wound right here in the shop.
Well, They have changed the format of my blog. almost couldn't figure out how to post. DAMM, I was just getting used to the old one. Anyuway lots of things happining as always. S.G. done and the thinline tele of Roger also. going to post one at a time to make sure this works. First the S.G.