miércoles, 14 de agosto de 2013


My most lovely companion has left to look for better hunting. We liked to sing in the morning. His most loved friend was Emma, cooling him off with a spray of water. I'll miss you My Buddy. R.I.P.

Two New Guitars.

Friday, great day! we put strings on two guitars in one day. Claudi with his Overcaster! And Marc with a sweet LesPaul junior. Both guitars play great. Also Garci strung up his LP double cutaway T.V style on Thursday

, with Bigsby! The hardest part is taking them apart again to sand and paint.

More Latest

Getting everything adjusted to the old neck is a nightmare! Trying not to touch the old varnish on the sides of the neck. So far, O.K. Next leveling and fretting. Ready with frets cleaned, barbs narrowed, bent to over-radius. And fretted!

Latest Projects

A new fingerboard for a 66 tele. Old one very worn out, and the owner wants maple. I bent a fingerboard over a 7 1/4 radius, hot water and a week in the sun did a nice job. Planed off the rosewood board, and glued on the new curved board. Drove me crazy getting everything to close nicely over the curve, but finally worked out nicely.